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There are websites that I use that have message boxes that pop up from time to time. Is there a program/script/add-on I could get that would hit them automatically?

Yes, I am aware of dangerous message boxes that could pop up, I would only use this tool when I'm using the websites, otherwise, it would be off.

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Yeah one can use a program like that to automatically check web email (though it's not that secure to use it for that). A program that can type text hit ENTER e.t.c. Or click OK in a message box by hitting tab to give OK focus and hitting Space to push the button. Or I suppose to enter your Address automatically (first line, tab, second line e.t.c.)

AutoIt is one. Autohotkey is another.

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in addition, it's possible that Typeitin by wavget, would do it but I haven't tried it for that. – barlop Dec 19 '12 at 21:43

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