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Windows Media Player 11 keeps playing after closed.
What's wrong?

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How long does it play for after you close it? – ephilip Oct 7 '09 at 12:18
@ephilip I don't know because I've never waited for it to finish more than a couple of minutes. I guess it keeps playing till the end of the movie, however. – Piotr Dobrogost Oct 9 '09 at 10:00
open task manager to see if the process of MP11 is running, and try close it to see what hapens – telebog Oct 9 '09 at 14:49
I have this same problem. It's doing my head in! – U62 Jan 23 '10 at 22:59

Two things to try:

  1. Turn off the "Windows Media Player" taskbar toolbar: Right-click the Taskbar, go to Toolbars and uncheck Windows Media Player to turn it off.
  2. Open Control Panel, double-click Windows Slideshow, uncheck anything that has to do with Windows Media Player.
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ad 1. Was already unchecked. ad 2. The only option there is Notify me when new gadgets are installed. which is checked. Unchecking does not help. – Piotr Dobrogost Oct 9 '09 at 9:56

I have a pair of Logitech Z-10 speakers. They have a special function to display the "Now playing" information on a small screen. And they also have play/pause, skip next, previous buttons to control Windows Media Player.

The software that controls the speakers prevents Windows Media Player from closing properly and the music etc is still playing after I close it. So perhaps you have something similar? A Plug-In or something for Media Player that prevents the program from closing.

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This was it! I finally found out and came back to add my answer but it turns out you already added it :) I have a Logitech G15 keyboard and the software that runs the LCD on that starts a process called "Windows Media Player sideshow gadget" that keeps WMP open. What a pile of junk. – U62 Aug 21 '10 at 19:14

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