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So I've made a small script to search through my project for a word:

grep -n $1 js/*/**.js
grep -n $1 js/*.js

When running these commands in the command line I will get some nice syntax highlighting. But when I run them in a script I loose the colors. How can avoid this?

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This will do the trick, the --color flag takes care of coloured output. In your shell it is probably aliased.

grep --color -n $1 js/*/**.js
grep --color -n $1 js/*.js
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Set these environment variables:


Where 1;32 is the color code for light green. You can change the color of highlighting using another code:

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Hmm, I modified this and set export GREP_OPTIONS=--color in the beginning of the script; which works. This may be preferable to Bernhard's solution for larger scripts. – worldsayshi Dec 21 '12 at 9:18

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