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I have a dual monitor setup on my Windows 7 box at work. I'd like to know how (if possible) I can set a hot corner to start the screensaver or put the display to sleep?

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Actually, Windows screensavers did have this feature (at least those included as part of the Plus! pack, which old-timers should remember):


Indeed, a really useful bug made the hot corners specified for Plus! screensavers a global setting that applied to non-Plus! screensavers as well!

The easiest way to get similar functionality in Windows now might be to use an AutoIT app (source available) called, not surprisingly, Hot Corners. It can also do various other interesting things besides launching the screensaver:


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You'll probably have to find a special application on the web to do what you want. Windows itself does not have such a feature.

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I use -- and I recommend using -- AutoIT's HotCorners (or Mr Lekrem Yelsew's variation, HotCorners 2). It's not quite "Screener" (legacy Mac OS), but it does what it's supposed to, and "exits when asked" (ie, there's no delay in getting back to business from a state set by one of the 'corners.')


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Thanks for the info. If you could please include links to the programs you are talking about, that would be greatly appreciated. –  CyberSkull Apr 10 '13 at 22:37

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