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I am trying to do run an Autohotkey script that would send a bunch of keystrokes to an active window (e.g windows explorer). I tried several things, but it all fails when it comes to ctrl...


Send {^f}

Send {Up}

The up key gets send, but ctrl+f does not happen. Read the manual, tried several applications as active windows, and still no luck. Seems very simple, but ...

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This makes F1 behave as it is a Ctrl+F , F1 doesn't exist anymore If you wan't to keep the old keys add ~


this will fire both F1 and ^f

if you wan't more


Maybe you had multiple scripts with the same hotkey -> ^!r , if you do that the hotkey might not work properly.

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thanks, this worked: F1:: Send,^f Send,{up} return – Joe Dec 20 '12 at 21:21

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