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I would like to run a macro when my 3270-terminal-emulator-program connects to the host in command-line. This ability could be used to, for example, to automate the log-in to TSO using the x3270 emulator (by Paul Mattes).

To conect to the host I'm execute in command-line:

d:\alex\wc3270.exe  -port 23 -oversize 150x60

I would like something like this to connect and execute my macro:

d:\alex\wc3270.exe  -port 23 -oversize 150x60  -macro mymacro.txt

I have Microsoft Windows XP [Versión 5.1.2600] on my desktop PC. I'm using the x3270 software: from the wc3270 version is v3.3.12ga7 Wed Aug 24 09:36:34 CDT 2011 pdm

Thank you very much for your time.

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After a few hours of experimenting, including installing the latest version, I found the following lets me automate my logon to VM/CMS. Replace the strings myuserid and mypassword with yours. The \t tabs to the password field and the \n performs the ENTER.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\wc3270\wc3270.exe" -loginmacro myuserid\tmypassword\n +S

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