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I am working on a process in which we will generate SVG's with id's on certain elements. I want to be able to edit the SVG in Adobe Illustrator. However, I found that when I edit the file in Illustrator, the id's are all changed.

Can Illustrator be made to keep my id's?

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could you share a sample generated svg ? –  George Profenza Dec 21 '12 at 0:22

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I've been trying to use Illustrator with svg for a few years now, with mixed success. It usually preserves the IDs, if you save in in the most permissive format (SVG 1.1); but it really loves to rewrite the various svg elements into it's own way of thinking about them. I strongly recommend not using Illustrator to edit svg files that you want to have clean and careful markup in. You might use Inkscape instead.

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