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enter image description here

I want to convert the string in column C into number. I want to convert "11,00 TL" to 11. How can do this?

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You can use the function SUBSTITUTE. Enter the formula

=SUBSTITUTE(C656; "TL"; "")

This will give you a cell with just 11,00.

If you use , as the decimal separator (in your language settings), Calc should accept 11,00 as a number, meaning you can calculate with it. If you use . as the decimal separator, you'll need a second step to replace , with . (also using SUBSTITUTE).

Another option would be to use MID() to trim off the last part of the text.

Also, if the data is imported from some text file, you can also use the configurable text import to import "11,0 TL" as two cells, which would also fix the problem. Depends on where you get the data from...

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