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I use Ctrl+Alt+Down in eclipse ide, for copying lines.

Recently, I started using windows 7, and the above key combination is not being detected by eclipse, but rather picked up by windows 7 which rotates the complete screen upside down.

My eclipse settings shows the key bindings which have not being altered so far.

eclipse key

How to stop windows from detecting this key combination and make sure, it is taken by eclipse ?

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This is definitely a graphics driver shortcut/hot-key, and the settings app provided should be capable of disabling it. – Karan Dec 21 '12 at 18:25

No, the only thing you can turn off from within Windows is the windows key (and it's either on or off).

A keyboard re-mapper may suffice though?

Also, this may not be an issue with Windows, but with the graphic card. Are you able to disable shortcut keys in the graphic card app (if one exists): source

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