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I have a mpkg file that i'm trying to install.

The installer quits after "writing files" with the error:

The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail...

Among a big process of Install.log in console i can see this line:

Dec 22 14:45:56 MacBook-Pro installd[505]: ./postinstall: arserver postinsall: Unsupported Operating system version! Exiting...

I'm on 10.7.6 and The file is supported to 10.6 and up, but it just wont install... is there a way to ignore OS check while running this file?

Source file


Found the solution.

I edited the following exec file using Coda


inside the


And changed the lines from:

# ===========================================================================
# OS version dependent stuff 
# ===========================================================================
osv=`sw_vers -productVersion`
case $osv in


 # ===========================================================================
    # OS version dependent stuff 
    # ===========================================================================
    osv=`sw_vers -productVersion`
    case $osv in

And the installer ran and the app launched!

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I got the same error on 10.8, but the installer still copied all files to /Applications/ARSuite/. (You can see what files an installer is supposed to copy by pressing ⌘I.)

You could also extract AudioRackSuite3.4.1.mpkg/Contents/Packages/contents.pkg/Contents/Archive.pax.gz and move the files to the Applications folder manually.

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I Followed your advice and the files copied indeed. i recopied them from inside just to be safe but it throws another error when opening the app. i updated the code above to the error log. thank you. – TonalDev Dec 22 '12 at 13:45
Found the workaround and edited the question. thank you m8. – TonalDev Dec 22 '12 at 14:14

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