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I want to use my raspberryPI as a HTPC. I installed Raspbmc and tried to connect to it via Official XBMC Remote but I get the error:

I/O Exception ( (120)

The remote control works, but it's annoying because the error pops up on every action I take. Any suggestions why I get this error?

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The answer is as simple as disappointing. XBMC v12 is beta and just not supported by the official XBMC remote yet, which is itself still! a beta version.


For everyone facing this error: xbian is a way better xbmc distro and YATSE is the way better remote.

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Try checking your service settings. I've seen similar errors when both the webserver and remote control functions are not enabled. Be sure the webserver is on AND the remote control service is enabled with the option to allow other systems to control XBMC.

Settings > Services > Webserver
Settings > Services > Remote control
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They are both activated. – ManuelSchneid3r Dec 24 '12 at 13:06

Yatse XBMC remote for Android works great with XBMC Frodo v12.

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