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Consider the following screenshot from Resource Monitor running on my Win 7 laptop:

There's a dip in CPU and RAM performance ( I don't know if "failure" is the right word for it)...but it dips all the way to zero. During this time it's like my PC freezes, then starts back up again.

It doesn't happen all that often, probably once every 2 hours or so, but when it does it's pretty annoying. I want to understand what might cause these sudden dropouts...? There is nothing in particular I do at the moments it happens.

I do put some pretty serious demand on this computer as I do many tasks at once while working / web browsing... I'm beginning to wonder if I'm killing the old coot.

Laptop Specs:

Windows 7 OS (originally Windows XP) 32 bit 3.00GB RAM (2.75GB usuable) 1.60GHz AMD Athlon processor TF-20 139GB hard-drive

Bought in 2009.

Thank you kindly

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What software/apps are running when this happens? Look to the task manager dialog for this info and try and make note of the various processes that are running to see if there is something that's consuming all your resources during that period. – slm Dec 23 '12 at 4:43

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