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I use an excellent videosurveillance Windows app named Blue Iris that saves audio/video from 4 USB webcams + 1 IP cam. All the 5 cams have integrated microphones. For the IP cam, the app receives and saves audio via IP camera stream. For the 4 USB webcams, Blue Iris receives and saves audio via "DirectShow".

Connecting to this PC via Remote Desktop (RDP8) works wonderfully with 15-30fps full color videos but there's a problem: while I'm connected all the DirectShow capture devices DISAPPEAR (supposedly replaced by the remote virtual audio device) and therefore no audio can be listened nor saved for these USB webcams.

I tried all the play/recording settings combinations on the RDP client without being able to keep those DirectShow capture devices. Do you know a solution to keep them?

Here is a screenshot that shows the 2 situations: while RDP now connected and while RDP connected.

Note: TeamViewer doesn't have this problem but it shows only 1-3 fps :( so I use RDP8 because it's 10x better!

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Is it a programming Q? Screenshot link is broken. – Roman R. Dec 23 '12 at 9:00

In the remote desktop client, change the audio settings to "Leave at remote computer" before connecting.

If you want to change it on the server, clear the audio redirection in the client settings

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