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I would really appreciate some help with this. Running

  1. Windows 2008 R2 EE x64 SP1 with latest updates
  2. Office 2010 X64 (verified) with latest updates

When I create a System DSN with an Excel spreadsheet as the source and click on the "Select Workbook" button, the ODBC Data Source Administrator Window crashes/closes automatically. I tried to do this from the command line, using the following syntax:

odbcconf configdsn "Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)" "DriverId=790|Dbq=C:\temp\DSCOLUMNS.xls|DefaultDir=C:\temp|DSN=DSCOLUMNS|description=yada yada"

and it gives me the following error message

CONFIGDSN Unable to create a datasource for the "Microsoft Excel driver (*.xls)' driver. Component not found in the registry with the error code -2147467259.

seems like this is an architecture mismatch error. but why? I am running x64 everything. please help!

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I wonder if you are using the right configuation extension - excel 201o .xlsx instead of .xls? or are you using an excel workbook saved in compatibility mode?

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