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Basically I'd like to sniff HTTP requests made by an .exe on Windows. I tried using wireshark, but it's somewhat unhandy since it sniffs all traffic on the interface. Are there any alternatives?

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possible duplicate of Capture traffic for specific application – Synetech Dec 23 '12 at 19:12
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Take a look at SocketSniff; it lets you examine connection activity for a specified program.

enter image description here

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4 Best Free Network Packet Sniffer Here are 4 Best free network packet sniffers that does a fantastic job of packet sniffing. These free packet sniffer can analyze network packets of all outgoing traffic, and analyze information from them.

Capsa Packet Sniffer Free

Capsa is a very comprehensive network packet sniffer that comes in both free version as well as paid version. Free version comes with tons of features, and is good enough for home use, as well as use in small business. Capsa does effective network analysis in real time by sniffing network packets, and analyze them. Free version of Capsa lets you monitor 50 IP addresses together, which makes this free packet sniffer especially useful for network administrators. Capsa packet sniffer has been especially optimized for use in an enterprise. Some of the features include:

Detailed Traffic Monitor of all computers

Bandwidth monitoring (to find which computers are watching online videos)

Network diagnosis to identify problems in network

Netwok activity logging (for recording IM, and web mail)

Network behavior monitoring

SniffPass Password Sniffer

SniffPass is a very specific type of packet sniffer that focuses on capturing passwords from network traffic. When you turn on Sniffpass password sniffer, it keeps on monitoring network traffic, and as soon as it intercepts a password, it instantly shows that on screen. This is a great way to find forgotten passwords of websites. Sniffpass password sniffer is quite easy in its use, and provides a nice GUI to monitor all captured passwords. Sniffpass password sniffer supports most of the networks protocols, like: POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, FTP, and HTTP.

Microsoft Network Monitor

Microsoft Network Monitor is a free network packet sniffer. This works on Windows PCs, and provides expert capability to see all the network traffic in real time on an intuitive GUI. Microsoft Network Monitor is actively maintained by Microsoft, is available for a completely free download, and has a dedicated support site here. Microsoft Network Monitor can be used by beginners just to analyze their home network traffic, or by network administrators to analyze complete organization network by sniffing network packets.

This freeware packet sniffer supports more than 300 public, and Microsoft proprietary protocols. It even lets you capture wireless network packets.


tcpdump is one of the oldest network packet sniffer. It was originally written in 1987! Tcpdump works primarily on Unix like operating systems, but there is a port of it that works on Windows as well. tcpdump is meant for experienced users only, as this packet sniffer is a command line utility. tcpdump can analyze network behavior, and monitor applications that generate network traffic.

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i personally use TCPdump and its very useful ;) – Arash Dec 23 '12 at 18:59

I prefer procmon, and you get much more of what the app is doing as well.

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