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How from the windows command prompt can I tell my machine (windows 7) to not load my antivirus software (Symantec if that matters) automatically the next time I boot it up? Assume I can't open any other windows; just the command prompt.

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Why do you want to do it from the command prompt?

Why not the proper way – to un-install or prevent from loading it? Since it is on the startup ini, you should remove the app from there.

If you wish to have a solution, then make a batch script, call it e.g startup-script.bat, put it on startup folder. The script should run a taskkill command to kill the norton process.

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Assuming you want your AV intact in your system as an on demand scanner but do not want it to run real-time, you should first RTFM! There you can find your AV's command-line options. This is safer way. I do not recommend killing the AV process.

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