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I am trying to transfer a few pics from my Macbook to my iPhone. I read your previous answer. Due to my tech lack of know-how, I am unable to even get started.

I can not find any photo tab in iTunes. Where should I look. I just want to use the usb port and connect it to my phone and transfer some pics. Help. I am sure this is something simple I am not doing I have the latest iTunes on my computer.

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which previous answer are you referring to? – Sathya Dec 24 '12 at 8:37

First of all, you need a folder where you can put all the pictures you want to sync. So, create one, e.g. in Documents and then copy your photos there.

Now connect your iPhone. iTunes will open. Click iPhone – or click the name of your iPhone in the sidebar in case you use the old iTunes, but I would suggest you install the new iTunes version through the Mac App Store. It's much faster than iTunes 10.

Here, you can click the Photos tab. Add the folder you just created in your Documents. To do this, click the dropdown menu next to Sync Photos from, click Choose folder… and select your folder.

In the bottom right, click Apply, and then Sync. Your photos will be transferred to your iPhone, into their own "gallery" named after the folder you created before.

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