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I just got my new notebook with windows 8 pre installed. After installing ubuntu 12.04 when I try to boot windows 8 it says "Automated Recovery in Progress" which fails afterwards and shuts down the machine stating the partition on which windows is installed is locked.

Actually during the ubuntu installation I merged two disk drives to one and made it as an extended partition. Then I divided the extended partition into two logical partition. One of which is blank and other is having Ubuntu installed.

I had tried to back up the data from ubuntu but I was not able to see the files of the partition containing windows 8.

Please help me to recover windows 8 or to back up the data.

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How many partitions did you have, before starting the Ubuntu installation process ? which company and model notebook? – nkchandra Dec 24 '12 at 8:23
In windows I had 5 partitions: 2 were system reserve and 1 for windows 8 and 2 normal ntfs partions. I merged the 2 ntfs partitions and made them one extended partition. – codeomnitrix Dec 24 '12 at 8:34
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Finally i figured out the problem. Windows was installed in UEFI mode and I unintentionally installed Ubuntu in Legacy mode.

Anyways Now i reinstalled both os on my machine and it is working fine now.

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