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Since switching to Windows7, I miss a lot of messages from my contacts in Live Messenger. The reason is, that I don't always have the sound on - and in Win7 the window no longer pops up, when a new contact writes me.

I looked in the options, but I can't seem to find an option, that lets the new windows pop up.

What to do?

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Open C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger --> right click msnmsgr.exe select properties then select compatibility tab and activate "run this program in compatibility mode" and select Windows Vista.It shoulde be OK now for you.

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This seems extremely hacky... But since there was no other answers on how to fix this... :) – Kjensen Oct 18 '09 at 21:15
I discovered this while I am trying to close&hide my MSN Live 9 MEssenger on Win 7. – NT. Oct 19 '09 at 7:58
Quick note: on 64-Bit machines the file is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Messenger. Also this fix will allow the notification popup to appear, but it still does not show the full window. – Greg Bray Sep 22 '10 at 19:28

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