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Is there a way to do the following in Linux:

  1. Mount the ISO image as read/write
  2. Create the ISO image as RW
  3. Update the ISO image.

I am creating the image using the following command and the image "test.iso" mounts are read only preventing me to update the ISO files. "mkisofs -input-charset iso8859-1 -J -r -hide-rr-moved -joliet-long -o test.iso Test/"

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I think this belongs to Super User – Jan Dvorak Dec 24 '12 at 18:07
  1. No. The ISO9660 driver doesn't have any write support.
  2. Meaningless. Either the filesystem driver has write support, or it does not. You can use a filesystem that does have write support such as ext2, but then you won't have a ISO image (although wodim and the like won't care, and will burn it regardless).
  3. Use software such as ISO Master to do so.
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Basically i need a read/write hybrid image which can show up as CDROM in Windows & MAC. Other file systems such as EXT2/FAT doesn't really work as CDROM especially in MAC and it really doesn't matter what format i am using as long as MAC is happy. – user1427180 Dec 24 '12 at 20:26

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