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Free way to clone HDD to SSD?

Recently I bought an Asus u32vj and decided to change from its hdd to a smaller capacity ssd. The problem is I can't figure out how to migrate Windows 8 to the ssd. Actually I don't need to migrate, I just want to install Windows 8 which came with my notebook without the DVD. I have the recovery installer residing on the recovery partition.

The recovery tool suggested in the manual "A recovery burner" is missing.

How can I fix my problem?

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Use a clean Windows 8 DVD or MSDN/Technet ISO. This DVD detects the OEM Key which is now embedded to the BIOS:


If you look at the bottom of my machine, you’ll notice there is no Windows 8 Certificate of Authenticity (COA). There is an official Windows 8 logo sticker, but no product key.

The good news is that you no longer have to worry about it fading or getting scratched. The 5x5 key is embedded in the BIOS. Therefore all I had to do in order to install a fresh clean copy of Windows 8 was attach an external DVD drive, boot from the retail DVD, and run setup. As soon as I connected to the internet, the machine activated. It never asked me for a key. No fuss!!!

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I think they're saying in the manual that you need to use CD/DVD burning software to burn the data from the recovery partition to a couple of DVDs. Once you have these DVDs in hand you may be able to do the re-install and target the SSD instead of the HDD.

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