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I just got a Nexus 7. Since I'm currently learning 3ds Max, I was wondering, can I use this tablet as an input device for 3ds Max? I would like to be able to use it with a pen to draw and animate my models.

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The Nexus 7 has a capacitive touch screen and doesn't have a digitizer - so it only can use a stylus instead of a digital pen. The accuracy of a stylus is worse than of a digital pen - it can't for example distinguish pressure levels.

Using a touch screen of an Android device as a mouse is possible, for example by installing andromouse or remotedroid on both the device and PC. You can then use WiFi or Bluetooth for communication.

This will not work as a fully featured graphics tablet though - think of it like a touchpad in a laptop.

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You could use your Android device as a touchpad for PC/Mac. Search Android market for "Touchpad", there are several applications available. This being said, a dedicated real hardware touchpad with a pressure-sensitive stylus will work much better.

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