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"yum install nfs*"

"yum install portmap"

In /etc/exports folder placed below setting in the file

/example (NAS drive) *(rw,sync,no_root_squash,no_all_squash,fsid=0)

Restarted all NFS,nfslock,netfs and portmap services and tried to mount the drive from Ububtu client by using mount nfs /IPADDRESS/Sharename /localpath

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It's hard to say what is your problem. Perhaps it's from SElinux, firewall, rpcbind or permissions. You should read careful on Security-Enhanced Linux and Managing Confined Services. Your link's here.

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Doublecheck nfs server itself has access rights to shared directory

You can inspect directory rights with "ls -la" command:

Example where nfs server does not have access right:

cd /your/dir
ls -la
drwxr-x---+  3 user  user  4096 Mar 12 23:17 dir

Grant access to user, group and other services:

chmod 755 dir
ls -la
drwxr-xr-x+  3 user  user  4096 Mar 12 23:34 dir

Restart nfs server and try to mount again.

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