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I used to connect via a Sitecom WL-174 directly to ADSL internet. There were some pc's which connected wirelessly and some connected with a wire.

Now we got another provider and we need to use the router which came with it. It is also a wireless router. It works perfectly.

But I need to connect the other pc's which were connected with a wire previously.

Is it possible to connect the Sitecom router wirelessly to the other router?

If so, how? Thanks.

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How we doing on this one, chief? – hyperslug Oct 10 '09 at 10:32
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A question was posted by Wouters, – hyperslug Apr 12 '10 at 2:49
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Are you trying to make a wireless bridge?

                                      |       |
  +----------+    +--------------+   ||       ||   +----------------+
  | Internet |----| New Wireless |--|||       |||--| Sitecom WL-174 |
  |          |    | Router       |   ||       ||   +----------------+
  +----------+    +--------------+    |       |          |
                                                    Wired Computers

You'll need a router that supports this specifically. I didn't see anything in the manual about wireless bridging. It did mention "bridge mode" but that refers to a connection to the ISP that is more transparent than the normal settings.

3rd party firmwares like DD-WRT can enable this function but your router is not supported by that. You could still use it as a switch if you had a really long CAT 5 cable.

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