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Lets say that I have 3 parameters/cells:

  • High (Cell A1)
  • Medium (Cell A2)
  • Low (Cell A3)

the fixed values for these cells are 2, 2 ,2

how can I change the value of cellA1 based on the changes of cellA2, or cellA3. for example: if cellA2 value is 1, I have to add 1 to cellA1, and if its Zero I have to add 2 to ceelA1.

can you help please?

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Simple changes can be tracked like this. in cell A2 put this =A1+1 Its possible to put complicated ones as well – Naresh Dec 24 '12 at 11:13
@Naresh : I would -1 that comment if I could. OP asks for conditional logic. Your formula breaks on his second case (if it's zero). – Alexandre P. Levasseur Dec 24 '12 at 14:01
@toti You need to tell us a bit more. How many conditions or statuses are there ? Is it only cell A1 that you will modify and expect the other cells to follow ? What should happen if the value entered is something else than 0 or 1 ? – Alexandre P. Levasseur Dec 24 '12 at 14:02
Also, what did you already try? – Hennes Mar 30 at 15:16

You could do it this way:

The A cells have formula's & you would enter values in the B cells. Based upon the formulas below is B2 way 2 then A2 would be 2 & A1 would be 2. If B2 was 1 then A2 would be 1 & A3 would be 3.

A1 formula: =(2-A2)+B1
A2 formula: =B2
A3 formula: =B3
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