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I have TP-Link TL-WR1043ND and I successfully Installed OpenWrt, FreeRadius2 and Wpad. Also Wireless client authentication is working fine. But my actual task is to restrict Wired Users to access the network.

I need to setup my box as 802.1x Authenticator ( NOT AS CLIENT ) with or without radius server. Any solution.

I don't want chilli coova or any other web bases authentication. I just need to authenticate any computer who is joining the LAN. I searched every where but didn't found any proper solution. People are jumping in with wireless solutions not Wired solution. If you can guide me I will try everything possible. I just need indication. I saw some discussion on internet that in windows xp you can configure 802.1x authentication as client and whenever xp machine joins the Wired LAN a USERNAME/PASSWORD window appears, Once you successfully enter username/password you get access to the network.

I have Linksys wrt54gl and d-link DIR-825 also, If you have any solution to address above problem I can try on other hardware.

Need your help Thanks in advance.

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