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I'm using Windows 7 on both my laptop (Starter) and desktop (Ultimate), and I am trying to connect to the internet from my desktop through my laptop. I have followed instructions from articles concerning this, and the only issue is that I have no Sharing tab in the Properties window for my connection. Without the Sharing tab, I cannot check the box that will allow me to share internet.

Any help?

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Is the Laptop using a wireless connection for this configuration? Does the desktop have a wireless card in it? – Everett Dec 27 '12 at 4:37

I think one of your issues is a problem with your wireless card's drivers. Some drivers support connection sharing while others don't. This Microsoft forum thread basically says as much.

I think you may be able to accomplish what you want by using an ad hoc wireless network setup on your laptop which the desktop would then be able to connect to, wirelessly.

Another source of issues for you may be with Windows 7 Starter. I don't believe it provides Internet Connection Sharing out of the box. See this Gizmodo article for details and how to work around the issue.

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[Internet + Access point WiFi]--------{1}------[laptop]========={2}======[desktop]

{1}: wireless connection
{2}: wire connection

You just need Sharing Tab on your laptop.

You go to Network Connections, enable at least 02 connections. In your case, one is Wireless connection, other one is Wire connection, then you will see Sharing Tab again.

Read more detail here...

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