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In Windows 7, how can I check if a file is a symbolic link or not, if a folder is a junction or not, and how can I check where they are pointing at (in case they are symlink/junction). Both in Explorer and in Command line.

It's very important to have a way to do it from command line, in order to know how to duplicate symbolic links on another computer when you want to make an exact replica of a folder tree.

If I right click on a file and check "Properties", I can't find any indication that it's a symbolic link.

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I believe you are looking for dir

2012-12-26  09:30 PM    <DIR>          .
2012-12-26  09:30 PM    <DIR>          ..
2012-12-26  09:30 PM                 0 a.txt
2012-12-26  09:30 PM    <SYMLINK>      link.txt [a.txt]
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