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I used to use OpenDNS Crypt in windows 7 64 bit without issues,but when i upgrade to windows 8 64-bit, this program ask me to run every time i start my pc (UAC message popup) is this any way to make this program run silently on startup without any messages?

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Try reinstalling it (and "Run as administrator"). – pleinolijf Dec 27 '12 at 12:49
Thank you,i tried but the UAC message still popup when i enter to there any another suggestion? – Anees Bakrain Dec 27 '12 at 13:04

It appears this is a known problem with OpenDNS, and they are busy working on a solution. From this thread:

Our engineers are aware of the behavior regarding the User Access Control (UAC) and hope to have it resolved in future releases. Thanks for your patience while we continue to improve this service.

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When you run it as a service, which acts as a proxy, it does not request privilege elevation. In fact, this is the current method recommended by OpenDNS. The easy(ier) installation method runs an outdated version of DNScrypt.

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