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I have a MSI GE60 0ND laptop with a GTX 660M GPU. When I play games like Minecraft or Portal 2, the core clock is stable at 835 MHz. Recently I tried to overclock it using MSI Afterburner but it wouldn't let me change the voltages or the clock speed no matter what I tried. Various Google searches yielded solutions that all didn't work. Is there any way I can overclock the GPU? Further Info: I have the nVIDIA 310.70 drivers and Windows 8.

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It´s not possible to change the voltage, period! The things you should be able to change is the core clock and memory clock. If the core and memory are locked i dont know what you should do. Maby it´s because you run Windows 8? I have the exact same laptop running Windows 7 and i can clock core and memory. By the way make sure to use a cooling pad when you clock the msi because the cooling system is not the best on the msi ge60.

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