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How do I directly 'save as' an embedded image <img> chosen with hint-mode in Vimperator?
Hit a keystroke, choose which image with a number (hint), and the 'save as'-window will pop up.

You could use the context menu with ;c and choose the 'save as'-option. Alternatively open the image in a new tab with ;I and save it with ctrl+s, but it's slow when wanting to save a lot of images.

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This is a somewhat "hidden" feature in Vimperator:
;S - save a media object

For some reason it's not listed in the online version of Vimperator's Hint documentation, only on the one included in the addon (using :h). It's also quite hard to search for this unless you use "media" instead of "image" in your search query.
Hopefully this Q&A will help with that.

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