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I am having an issue with Outlook 2003 where I cannot copy and paste anything from any other application into an email that I'm working on. I have tried copying from Excel, Word, Notepad and from a web browser.

I can confirm that I can copy and paste parts from the same email. Has anyone come across this issue before and/or know of a solution?

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Did you manage to fix your issue since October 09? – r0ca Jul 20 '10 at 18:20

If outlook is running as remoteapp it might have clipboard redirection disabled.

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When that happens to me I end up copying the entire email and restarting Outlook. You might also want to try copying the entire email (body) and then closing the message. Open a new message and paste what you had into it.

Other things to try:

  • Try pasting as unformatted text and see if that works. (Edit -> Paste Special -> Unformatted)
  • Try disabling all of your add-ons.
  • Detect and Repair your Outlook installation.
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