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I have been trying to install Oracle Java 7 on Ubuntu 11.04. I was following the instructions given here

Once I followed all the steps ( to the letter ), I tried running

java -version

which gave the expected output. But running

javac -version

did not give the expected output. Instead I get the following error:

Error : Could not find
Error : Could not find Java SE Runtime Environment

The environment variable PATH contains both /usr/local/java/jre/bin and /usr/local/java/jdk/bin, LD_LIBRARY_PATH points to /usr/local/lib which contains which is currently owned by the user who I am running javac as. In addition, JAVA_HOME points to the jdk folder. Inspite of all this, javac is unable to find the file. There are multiple solutions online but none seem to work for me. Even a direct run

/usr/locale/java/jdk/bin/javac -version

results in the same error.

Any help is hugely appreciated. Thanks

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Which browser might be the question. Such as Chrome is a 32 bit browser. The new Java is a 64 bit app, and when updated, it will not work on a 32 bit browser.

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