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Is there a way to save a command in vim? I want to be able to go straight to a directory after login, such as:

cd directory/subdirectory/files

Thank you for any ideas.

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I think this question should be rephrased, but I'm hesitant to just edit it myself because I might misinterpret the ambiguity. Perhaps you mean "Automatically execute a command on startup" instead of "Save a command"? And do you mean when you log in and get a shell, or within Vim when you start it? – Heptite Dec 30 '12 at 1:27
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If you want to have your shell cd to a particular directory after login, then put this in your ~/.bashrc (assuming you're using bash):

if [ shopt -q login_shell ]
    cd directory/subdirectory/files

If you want to have vim cd to a particular directory each time you open it, then put this in your ~/.vimrc:

cd directory/subdirectory/files

Note that the cd in your ~/.vimrc is not the shell's cd but is a Vim command. See

:help :cd
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Thank you for your answer. The only problem is that i have different directories on separate parts of the filesystem that i would like quick access to. Any ideas that might help me? – Nick B Dec 29 '12 at 21:15
There are a lot of tools that can help with that. However, I'm not very familiar with many of them. From the command line, I like using wcd ( For within Vim, I've heard good things about FuzzyFinder ( and ctrlp ( You can also use bash aliases to create commands for jumping to frequently-used directories, e.g., alias cda='cd /long/path/to/dir'. – garyjohn Dec 29 '12 at 22:00

In your ~/.vimrc, you can define custom commands (like :CdA) that quickly switch to directories; e.g.:

:command! CdA cd directory/subdirectory/files
:command! CdB cd directory/other_directory/files
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