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Possible Duplicate:
Windows XP SP3 (Legal) download?

My hard drive crashed, and it was removed, reformatted and repartitioned, and reinstalled on my 7 year old Compaq Presario. Now the pc wont boot because it doesn't have an operating system on it. I never made the CD back up. Is there a site where I can download XP if I have a valid product key? I want to reinstall XP on this pc so that it works again.

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With Windows XP, legally, the answer is no - sorry I can't really be more help.

If you contact HP, they should be able to resend you a replacement - last time I needed to do this for a client, it cost £15 + £2.95 P&P (several years ago).

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You'll need to locate the media somehow. If HP won't sell it to you, then you'll have to start looking on E-bay or something.

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