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Here's what I'm trying to do:

Correct answers: A C A B D B ...

Student:         Answers:            Score:
--------         --------            ------
Charlie A.       A D A B D C ...     4/6
George B.        A C A B D D ...     5/6

How do you count the right answers by comparing the answers from each student with the answers in the first row? I want to be able to compute the score of the tests by entering in the answers.

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Are the answers in their own cells? How many answers are there? – Paul Dec 30 '12 at 13:18

Here's a shell script that just prints the number of same characters without doing any formatting:


input="Charlie A.,ADABDC
George B.,ACABDD"
for line in $input; do
  for i in $(seq ${#solutions}); do
    [ ${answers:$i:1} == ${solutions:$i:1} ] && ((correct++))
  echo "$line,$correct"

And a Ruby version that formats the results as a monospace table:

solutions = "ACABDB"
"Charlie A.,ADABDC
George B.,ACABDD".split("\n").each { |line|
  name, answer = line.split(",")
  correct = 0
  ( { |i|
    correct += 1 if answer[i] == solutions[i]
  puts "#{"%-17s" % name}#{"%-20s" % answer.split("").join(" ")}#{correct}/#{solutions.length}"

You can save the scripts with TextEdit (in plain text mode) and then run them from Terminal with something like bash ~/Desktop/ or ruby ~/Desktop/script.rb.

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