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The past:

  • Had Grub Legacy installed booting linux sucessfully.
  • Made a backup of Grub's mbr with dd if=/dev/sda of=backupmbr bs=512 count=1
  • Installed Windows 8 Pro.
  • Windows 8 overwrote MBR, as expected.
  • Recovered with dd for windows: `dd if=backupmbr of=\Harddisk.... bs=512 count=1

The present:

  • Grub is loading.
  • Linux is loading sucessfully.
  • When booting Windows 8 it hangs on a Preparing Automatic Repair screen. There's no disk activity, it just hangs forever. Tried to use Shift+F8 to show Windows's boot options, with no luck (actually, I don't how to do it, I tried to keep both keys pressed before selecting Windows 8 entry and tried to smash them repeatdly, and they both failed (the last one resulted on keyboard beeping))

The future:

  • Windows 8 booting sucessfully again, by selecting the corresponding entry on Grub Legacy.

I need some help with the future part.

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Well, here's a workaround (I'm the OP):

  • Boot from Windows 8 CD, open command prompt and type: BootRec.exe /fixmbr
  • Restart, log into Windows 8, open Admin command prompt and type:

     bcdedit /create /d “Grub” /application bootsector  

    It returns an ID between braces {..}

     bcdedit /set {..} device partition=d: 
     bcdedit /set {..}  path \backupmbr    [My mbr backup is on D:\backupmbr] 
     bcdedit /displayorder {..} /addlast 

    Then, when restarting, after more than 40s Windows would show a metro-style menu prompting me to choose between Windows 8 and Grub. Choosing Windows 8 goes instantly to Windows 8 Start Screen (so Windows boots completely and then ask you what to do!) while choosing Grub goes to Grub after another age (cause Windows needs to reboot). This was unacceptable. Running the following line:

     bcdedit /default {..}

    Solves the problem, ie, shows a non metro selection menu between Windows and Grub before loading the whole Windows.

    Finally, if I select Grub and, then, inside Grub, select too boot Windows then it still hangs on the "Preparing Automatic Repair" screen. So I can boot all my OS's but it was not as I wanted. I still can't make Grub Legacy boot Windows 8 without being stucked on "Preparing Automatic Repair"

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