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Is there a way to automate the redial process once that happens?


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[PowerShell] disable+enable all connections

The most elegant method to reset all connections is maybe PowerShell. Save this as .PS1 script and execute it with admin rights.

Get-WMIObject Win32_NetworkAdapter -Filter "NetConnectionID LIKE '%'" | %{
   netsh interface set interface "$($_.NetConnectionID)" DISABLED
   Start-Sleep 3
   netsh interface set interface "$($_.NetConnectionID)" ENABLED


[CMD] disable+enable connection

Save this in a batch and execute it as admin where <interface_name> stands for the interface you want to disable and re-enable.

netsh interface set interface <interface_name> disabled  
ping -n 5 > NUL
netsh interface set interface <interface_name> enabled
  • To get the correct interface name, type netsh interface show interface
  • Wrap the interface name with quotation marks when it contain blanks (otherwise not)
  • the ping command just adds a small break of 5 sec to see the effect in Network and Sharing center

[CMD] reconnect mobile connection

(thx @laggingreflex)

netsh mbn connect interface=<interface_name> connmode=name name=<profile_name>

enter image description here

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@laggingreflex try to replace first "interface" with "mbn" → netsh mbn show interface – nixda Dec 31 '12 at 12:29
Got to try it out today. Too bad it didn't work :(I had to still manually un/re-plug.) Maybe a way to dis/re-enable the USB driver altogether might do the trick... – laggingreflex Jan 4 '13 at 17:35
Hmm maybe the second command comes to fast and we need to insert a little pause. Just to test this: Can you split the 2 commands in 2 seperate batch files and execute them one after another? – nixda Jan 4 '13 at 17:40

The reason for it staying on EDGE is that the driver likes to stay connected to something that works, following "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

As for a fix. It seems that whoever made the driver needs to fix it.

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