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About a year ago I started having these glitches, they started appearing while watching video, but after a while they where nonstop and windows was unusable. I reinstalled windows 7 and everything was great. Recently a started to get them again and again they appeared nonstop and windows was unusable. I just installed windows 8 and its there all the time form the start. Combined with horrible metro, I can't do anything, I installed Ubuntu, and everything is great there, but in system info graphics is unknown.

What could this be ? it cant be burned video card, because games are +- still playable and Ubuntu works fine.

I've put the latest drivers, but its still like that.

My laptop is a HP G62-b40EY with and Ati radeon HD 5470.

enter image description here

enter preformatted text here

Can someone please help me and say what is the problem? It is probably something with hardware, but do I need to replace video card or motherboard or can it be resolved without replacing anything ?

---------------- edit -----------------

I installed windows 7, everything is fine, until I install Catalyst control center or simply through windows update video adapter driver. Does anybody know what could be cousing this and how can it be fixed ?

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You wrote everything worked again after you reinstalled windows 7. If you fully reinstalled win7 and its drivers and used the same programs (e.g. no gaming/GPU stressing before reinstall and low GPU using email reading afterwards) then this is probably a software problem. – Hennes Dec 31 '12 at 15:06
Even during windows 8 installation, there was this glitch, when there isn't anything there,but I've been going hard on GPU this last time when it occoured, and it occurs when GPU stressed – Kriss Dec 31 '12 at 15:49

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