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Your help will be appreciated for the following problem:

I have a tool which converts IBM I (AS400) spool file to PDF. The file has been copied to Windows environment.

On generated PDF I can’t see the Greek characters using Adobe reader v10.1.4. If I use Notepad to display the file, I can see the Greek characters.

It seems that following PDF keywords are not recognized from the PDF reader.

/BaseFont /Courier
/Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding   

I have tried to use various fonts and encoding (cp1253, ISO8859-7) with no luck. On PDF reader folder there is the following file:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Resource\TypeSupport\Unicode\Mappings\win\CP1253.TXT

I believe somehow to tell PDF reader to use this encoding.

What actions required on our Win/PDF environment setup? What actions required on PDF file generation? (/BaseFont, /Enconding, etc)

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@AlekosFer I'm not clear on the link to TeX here: there is no mention of TeX or a related tool being used in your post. Could you clarify this, as otherwise this may be 'off topic'. – Joseph Wright Dec 30 '12 at 10:10
I saw on Forum that there were discussions for Greek characters on PDF documents. I am not using Tex, but if someone tells me how your tools generated PDF using the correct Greek encoding, I will arrange to do the same from my tool. – AlekosFer Dec 30 '12 at 10:19

Are you on Windows XP? if so, this tutorial might be of help.

Using this font may also prove itself helpful to you.

In Windows 7, it is said that changing the keyboard to Greek when converting solves the issue preety well somehow (weird tho). Source: , credits to @Chogg

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