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My notebook had some champagne spilt on it a long time ago.

As a result of this disaster the internal speakers went silent and don't make any sound, so I was forced to use external speakers via headphone jack output.

The interesting thing is that I can still get sound from internal speakers when I launch some games (Starcraft 2, Dungeon Defenders) and when they are still in the background I have working speakers in all other system.

Explanations about sound:

When starcraft2 or Dungeon Defenders not launched my speakers are dead. No sound, no bass - nothing. If they launched, i have speakers magically working in system, even if i alt+tab from application. In short - this two games running, even in background, my speakers work.

It is really look like some software problem but - this problem active in Windows8, Windows Vista and Ubuntu 12.04

So questions is - How can I get information about sound "routing" inside system?

Maybe some Linux utilities can help me? Currently I am using Windows 8, but "problem" began when I was running Windows Vista.

Additional information

Screenshot of CP -> Sound -> Playback (list of playback devices). Level on dynamics is from youtube playing in background. Speakers do not play this sound, but as you can see system detects incoming signal and level.

I do not have a sound from external speakers(2nd device in Playback tab) when internal works in Starcraft2 or DD.

Sound type is stereo in both games.

Eventually when i close games - no sound from internal speakers.

This is so like routing problems in ip, but with hardware, but i cant find programs or methods to display where sound is routed when game started.

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Can you explain better when you say "internal speakers don't make any sound" and then you also say "I can still get sound from internal speakers"? Can you successfully recreate this scenario too? – invert Jan 15 '13 at 9:32
I can recreate this scenario. Every time i launch this two games i got sound from speakers. They running in background - i still got sound from speakers. If by some method i can capture what happens in systems when these two games launch, then i maybe can fix my speakers. But as today no luck. I dont really know how launch process can be protocoled. – aardvark Jan 15 '13 at 18:56
(1) Does your external speaker have sounds when you playing SC2 and DD? (2) What is the sound settings in games? (DB? 5.1?) (3) Can you post a screen shot of Control Panel-> Sound -> Playback tab. (4) Games and many audio software can choose their own output device, maybe your internal speaker is not the default, but the program are able to reach it some how. – John Siu Jan 16 '13 at 2:11
(1) Also check the bios setting regarding audio device, try enable and disable. (2) When playing SC2, check the Control Panel-> Sound -> Playback and see if the volume bar keep moving. – John Siu Jan 18 '13 at 16:08
What about plying movie or music with media player? – John Siu Jan 18 '13 at 18:00

If the sound is working in some apps and not others, there is in fact not a hardware problem with the system, but a software problem. To prove this hypothesis, grab a copy of a live Linux distribution and stand in awe when all sound works in a completely different operating system. The problem is actually something in windows, or a driver problem of some kind most definitely. Sounds like you need to reinstall the os if you ask me.

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Sorry, but no. I tried debian(Ubuntu) and redhat(Fedora) linuxes kernels. No luck. No sound from internal speakers. I tried even very old alsa versions still dead. – aardvark Jan 15 '13 at 18:41

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