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I had upgraded to 10.8.2 a few months ago and now, when trying to install some python modules, have messed up my default python installation on the Mac. I was wondering if there was a way to re-update to 10.8.2?

I downloaded the update again from the App Store but didn't not find an option to install ("reinstall") the update that I had downloaded.

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You can't reinstall OS X by reinstalling an update.

You will need to boot into Recovery mode by holding CmdR during startup.

Through the Recovery System, you can then reinstall OS X via an Internet download. After that—or even during the download, I'm not sure—OS X will also apply all missing updates.

Depending on what exactly you did, there might even be no need to reinstall OS X completely. Of course, restoring from your Time Machine backup would also be a solution here. I can't imagine that installing Python modules could have caused any major troubles, unless you were playing around with sudo.

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thanks, slhck.. – sgt pepper Jan 2 '13 at 2:34

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