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Today I shared my files for Mac OS Lion 10.7.2: system preference\ Sharing\ select file share and set the permissions for users.

Then I went to my client Windows pc and mapped the drive network via my computer\network map drive network and typed the ip address of the Mac. Everything was fine.

Later on, I restarted my Mac and then Windows could not see the mapped drive. Everything was gone. The error: one pop up window appears and asks for username and password again, however the username and password I type in is said to be incorrect (I ensured that I did not type the wrong username and password and I tried many times).

Then I went back to Mac and redid everything again and back to pc, redo and I can see the mapped drive again.

My problem is each time I restart my Mac I have to repeat the process.

Is there a way to make the mapping 'permanent' please?

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