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Many of you are probably aware that the free version of Hamachi no longer officially supports running as a service.

Is there any way I could still get Hamachi to run as a service?

I need to be able to remotely access my computers from outside of the network when NO user is logged into the computer. Specifically this is important for remote desktop, file sharing, file syncing, and computer backups.

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Asking for software recommendations is usually not constructive, so I removed that part. If people say it's not possible and happen to suggest alternatives, so be it. I don't know Hamachi all to well but isn't TeamViewer Host a possibility here? – slhck Jan 1 '13 at 11:55
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It appears Hamachi still technical is running as a service but they have chose to monitor by some other means whether the user is actual active or not. If the computer is on the lock screen where you select the user account to login to (even if a user is actually logged in) Hamachi will turn off.

For the above mentioned reasons I have decided to switch to NeoRouter. NeoRouter so far appears to do everything Hamachi did and then some. Built in Windows Remote desktop, Wake-on-Lan, shared folders, command line interface, run from USB drive, network bridging, etc. The only catch is you need one computer that is always on to act as the "server" to tell the other computers how to connect to each other.

A note on setting up the NeoRouter server: When I first installed it it would not connect (which you can test via I solved this by checking the Windows firewall and noticing the NRServer and NRService exceptions were being blocked in my private network.

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The problem is not that Hamachi doesn't run as a service anymore, it is more so that it requires Hamachi UI to be running for it to work. Obviously, if one is not logged into their computer, the UI won't be running.

There's a similar question on ServerVault, where the answer allows for transfer of the session back to the local machine instead of logging out (and terminating the UI).

Here's the command: (Note: Number 1 below is your session ID. To know what your current session ID, in the console, run query user or open the task manager and go to users and look at your session ID)

tscon 1 /dest:console

The only caveat is that your local session is now unlocked, so if you'd like lock the computer as well, create a .bat file with the following commands:

tscon 1 /dest:console
rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation

Here's the above mentioned link for more details:

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Thanks for the tip, i added more details for the answer to be self contained. – Will Jun 30 '15 at 6:22

Maybe You can make use of the tool called exe2svc, hosted on here. It can turn any .exe into a service. Just edit the .xml file to Your needs.

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