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Privoxy won't start from command line (BATch file). Config file is specified.

D:\app\net\Privoxy_latest\privoxy.exe D:\app\net\Privoxy_latest\config.txt

Ending with:

Fatal error: can't load re_filterfile '.\default.filter'

I don't want run Privoxy as Windows service.

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Edit path of confdir in config.txt and point it to absolute path.

confdir D:\app\net\Privoxy_latest 

So every other files (*.action, *.filter) specified in config.txt will be find correctly by Privoxy.

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Or you can run privoxy.lnk file ;) – A.D. Jan 1 '13 at 16:15

you can go to the directory in batch using the CD command before using the START.

for x64 systems use:

cd "%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Privoxy"
start /min "" Privoxy.exe config.txt

and for x86 os use:

cd "%PROGRAMFILES%\Privoxy"
start /min "" Privoxy.exe config.txt
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