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networking dummy here.

I have a mixed business-home environment and would like to create a secure environment with controlled access. Here is a basic layout:

The left side is the business side of things - with POS terminals, server, and printers. It also include the back office machine and a CCTV DVR unit. The right side is my home network, with internet connection and multiple machines.

Now the big question is how to join them together. 1. the business side of the network need to talk to each other freely (the DVR can be an exception to this) 2. I want to allow the back office machine and the DVR to have access to the internet. 3. From the home machine(s) I want to be access the DVR and server.

I was thinking of subneting the business side separately from the home side. But I am confused how to achieve #2 and #3. I have additional routers (including a dd-wrt) lying around at home and willing to invest in some hardware.

One alternative I have considered were using firewall/access control rule based on IP address. Another alternative was using VLAN. Say I replace the business switch to be a managed one and add the DVR, Server, and BackOffice to have access to upstream, how do I prevent the Server from accessing/being exposed to the web?

Any help will be much appreciated!

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