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I recently installed OS X Mountain Lion on a 27'' iMac (late 2009) and I am not able to set the display resolution to 2048x1152 as I did on Lion. In fact, the initial version of Lion didn't allow that resolution but it appeared in the resolution list after a system update (I don't remember which one).

Is there any way of setting the display resolution to 2048x1152 on Mountain Lion?

I have uploaded two screenshots:

Resolutions in Lion:

Resolutions in Mountain Lion:

Thanks in advance.

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Hold the option key when clicking "Scaled" to enable more resolutions.


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Thank you for you answer, peelman however that "trick" do not work for me. When I hold the option key (and click "Scaled"), the list shows the same resolutions...

Nevertheless I have found a software that may be useuful: SwitchResX. It allows set up my desired resolution however it is very expensive. Maybe someone can be interested in it...

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