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I have a bunch of files (between 500MB and 7GB) that I need uploaded to an S3 bucket. My connection is very flaky.

I tried uploading a 500MB file via s3cmd but it timed out after it was 91% done (which took 16 hours)

The I tried with CyberDuck, but the same happened. It failed after 20% or so, and when I tried to retry the transfer, it started over from the beginning. CyberDuck is supposed to have multipart support, but I guess not...

I could split the files up into smaller files like this: How do I split a .zip file into multiple segments?, but I'd rather not unless it was my only option. What is a good program that I can use that will allow me to upload big files to S3 with resume support?

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I believe in Cyberduck in the transfers window, you can right click and select resume.

If that doesn't work, Cloudberry suports resuming uploads

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