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I'm working on my desktop computer. On this machine I also run Tomcat for my Java development so that I can visit my local address:

Now I go to and get my IP lets say it is:

Now what I want is that: I go to another PC (not on my LAN) or any PC around the world connected to Internet and type the following address:


this should show me the same page that I can access locally from http://

Is this possible?

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Yes it's possibile, did you tried it? – Atropo Dec 28 '12 at 12:03
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Yes, it is possible. It is called "Port Forwarding". - is your public IP address. - is your private IP address on the LAN.

Very good articale with pictures is here:
How to Forward Ports on Your Router

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Yes it is, even though this is not programming related and you should ask on superuser.

What you need to do is forward your 8080 port through your router. if you're IP changes (you have a dynamic IP or a static IP, this is determined by your ISP) you can get a host name from dyndns and set up your router to update dyndns with your new IP when it changes. this will allow you to access your application like so:

Alternatively, you can rent a hosted server and a domain name.

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Please look into the following article which expains you about the static and dynamic ips you need to have static ip or a domain name to host your app so that you can access it publicly. hope the link helps you

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