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I have two lists. The first has 4000 records of suppliers and the second is a separate list with over 400000 suppliers. Each supplier is identified by name only and there may be different naming conventions.

I have already done the matching where an exact match exists. I then created two further lists;

  1. contains the first word from the 4000 list
  2. contains the first 2 words from the 4000 list

Is there a quick way that I can compare these two new lists to the 400000 list where it will highlight those items in the big list that contain the words in the 2 new lists I have created?

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Assuming your first word list and first 2 words list are one contiguous range called Words in the same book as your big list and your big list is in ColumnA starting at A2:

Select A2, Home, Conditional Formatting, New Rule, Use a formula to determine which cells to format, in Format values where this formula is true: enter:


Format, select your highlighting, OK, OK, Applies to =$A$2:$A$400001, Apply, OK.

For 400,000 names this is not tested.

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